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Finding Felicity in El Nido

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

El Nido: Seeking Felicity

I was armed with knowledge gathered from several blogposts about this place in El Nido, it is almost claimed to be the hidden gem of the island.I was intrigued of the possibility that this particular piece of paradise actually exists, finally a decision was made - I am dropping the second island tour for a daytrip to visit Nacpan & Calitang beach.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

El Nido:Uniquely El Nido!

Flashback to few years back - it was an Amazing Race episode where I saw the contestants rapelling down a limestone cliff, riding a speedboat in the bluest of blue ocean and finally checking in to this resort resembling a beach paradise where a grinning Phil Keoghan welcomed them to El Nido,Palawan. Then it was a frenzy of 'googling', I finally discovered about El Nido and how it finally found a place in the bucket list of places to visit.

[TRAVEL TIP] If you don't have thousands of pesos (which I don't have) to spend for an overnight in the upscale resorts, the best option for a budget friendly trip to El Nido is to stay in El Nido town. The beach in El Nido town is not something spectacular because it is what lies beyond those limestone cliffs and the great blue sea that people came to see and experience - this is the famous El Nido Island hopping activity. Island hopping tours are grouped into Tour A, B and C.There are several tour companies that arranges the island hopping tour, there will be no problem if you are not a big group because they would usually join you with other groups as well. Rates for the island hopping tours is the same among the tour companies. [We took the tour from KrisKlein, it is the burger stand near the street entrance of Marina Garden - look for Ate Lanie]

We were supposed to go for two island hopping tour but due to a last minute discovery (a teaser for my next post), we have opted to just get one island hopping tour. Per recommendation of the receptionist at the resort where we stayed, we choose Tour A which is comprised of the following: Small & Big lagoon, Secret lagoon, Simisu Island and 7 Commandos beach. The tour priceis 900 Php inclusive of lunch. We also rented the snorkel and mask for 100 Php.

Our second morning in El Nido is bright and sunny, a perfect weather for beach hopping. At around 9am, we were called to join a group for the tour which were composed of a balikbayan family from the Windy City and a petite Pinay with her Dutch boyfriend. We exchanged a few shy smiles with the group as we settled into our place in the ferry boat.