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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuscany: Dear Mom, wish you were here

Dear Mom,

This afternoon, we arrived in Florence. This will be our base city as we explore the Tuscany region of Italy. As this is my first time in Italy, I'm so excited with all things we will see and experience and I'm also looking forward to eating authentic Italian food. I remembered grandpa when I first set foot in the old quarter of Florence. Like grandpa's graying hair and wise eyes the age and wisdom of the city is very much evident in the sheer patinas of the houses that line the historic district, worn out cobblestone streets and century old churches.

We stayed in a rustic Italian apartment a bit dusty but it is just a short walk to the famous Duomo. The Duomo is so huge but you will notice the fading paint which gives it a somehow grimy look. I think it is supposed to look that way considering that it is a very old church. But as I looked closer I noticed the painstaking details of the paintings and the intricacies and genius of the architecture.I feel so blessed Mom, that I was given an opportunity to personally see and experience places and things that I can only read in books before.