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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Israel: The road to Galilee

Galilee, situated in the northern part of Israel offering beautiful sights of green valleys, rocky mountains and a lake that is called a sea.
My own journey through this part of Israel took me from the ruins of an ancient formidable city to a wooden boat sailing the waters of the Sea of Galilee.

Caesarea was once a busy city harbor built during the time of  Herod the Great. A place of economy and government during the ancient times.
It became the largest city in Judaea during that time and was an economic and cultural powerhouse.
Nowadays, Caesarea is dotted by the different ruins of that time.  One will not miss the remnants of old sculptures that welcome you into the Caesarea of today. One of the popular spot is the well preserved amphitheater which used to be the hub of entertainment during the Roman empire but now its exterior is destroyed by the elements of the sea water. As you sat down on the bleachers (which are replicas), you get treated to a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea as the blue waves roll into the harbor. A short walk away from the amphitheater is the hippodrome which is the ancient race track. Most of the walls that lined it has survived the times and are still intact. Farther out into the sandy beach are well preserved arches of the aqueduct which was the ancient city's lifeline as it carried water from the foot of Mt.Carmel into the city.