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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New York: Another bite of the Big Apple

You are probably visiting the city a second time or perhaps you've checked all the items in your list of "Must see and do in NYC" and looking for alternative things to experience that are easy on the pocket. Here are my personal recommendations for another bite of the Big Apple:

1. Go beyond Manhattan and visit Queens 
You might have heard of the famous "7" train which goes from Times Sq. to the borough of Queens. New York is not just Manhattan, so if you got extra time why don't you go beyond Manhattan. Why Queens? because it's like home away from home. This is where you will see the Pinoy Bee in the American Shore (oh yes, I'm talking about Jollibee). If you are missing the home cooked Pinoy meals, you can drop by Krystal's for a steaming bowl of sinigang and a desert of Brazo de Mercedes.If you want to avoid the deluge of shoppers, try to go shopping in the Rego Center which has Marshall's and Costco or Queen's Place mall which has a Target store. How about walking along the streets of the residential area and try to catch a glimpse of the everyday life of a New Yorker.

2. You want to get to see the Manhattan skyline, head to New Jersey
New Jersey, New York's sister from another mother is just a mere PATH (NJ subway) ride away for a break from the frenzy of Manhattan.Go down in Newport or Hoboken station for a view across the Hudson River with the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop.You can also do your shopping at New Jersey since they have lower state sales tax.Hoboken boasts of quaint restaurants and if you are a fan of Cake Boss, you can drop by a visit in Carlos bakery in Hoboken. 

View from Newport,New Jersey