Thursday, June 21, 2012

My 7 Super Shots - Tagged!

Let me removed the cobwebs that have been collecting in my little space in the cyberworld, I have been caught up with work related items (work is dangerous to your other persona), personal projects and weekend birthday parties, despedida, and we just want to hang out and sing our hearts out in the free videoke get togethers

I'm reviving this little blog by taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots that has been making its rounds in the travel blogging world . I got tagged by my El Nido guru, Bino of know, this is waayy too late but as the old Pinoy adage goes "Huli man daw at magaling naihahabol din" 

A photo that takes my breath away...

Place: Mountain Province, Philippines
It is not everyday that one can have a view of "cloud-capped" mountains, this photo reminds me of the beauty of the Philippines from the pristine beaches to majestic mountains. It's like heaven and earth meeting in a crossroad.

A photo that makes me laugh or smile...

Place: Seoul, South Korea
The first thing that came into my mind when I saw these two young Koreans is "Awww, that is so cute". I quickly grabbed my camera shoved inside my bag when the girl in the skirt saw me and told the girl in the GAP jacket to look into my direction and they both smiled as they raised the Free Hugs cardboard. Group hug anyone? 

A photo that makes me dream...

Place: Niagara Falls, USA
You got a rainbow and a soaring bird, this got to be the photo that will make you remember your dreams. When I was growing up, my family does not have financial surplus to take trips even in the Philippines. I was quite contented to join the family outing of the company where my mom works, riding a non-aircon bus with a thin cushion padding for the seat. Through the generosity of an aunt who works and lives overseas, she would take us along whenever she visits the Philippines to different places like Corregidor, Palawan , Boracay and even Hong Kong and that is when the travel bug bit me. While working, I would join officemates for out of town soirees or perhaps a Tagaytay trip right after an OT. And just 2 yrs. ago I even made it to the "Land of milk and honey" which never in my wildest dream I thought I would be able to set my foot on. Now, I'm in the midst of planning and hopefully achieving another dream destination. Through faith and hard work, I'm trying to work on that dream.

A photo that makes me think...

Place: Museum of Modern Art, New York
This is an art installation in MOMA which is actually a chandelier made up of shattered pieces of plates, cups, saucers and teapots and there are also forks there if you look closely. I'm not really an artsy person but I can appreciate art but what do you think of this - Art or Eccentricity?

A photo that makes my mouth water...

Place: Seoul, South Korea
One of the best thing I discovered in South Korea and will be one of the things I'm willing to go back for. This was a staple food whenever we go back to our hostel after a day of roaming around. A non-descript food stall grilling chicken meat one block away from the hostel serves the best Chicken BBQ (tipong malilimutan mo yung pangalan mo pag natikman mo to). I would love to really share where you can get this but I can't really read Korean characters (Hangeul) so this will remain as my best kept secret of Seoul. But I'll give you a clue - it's actually along the road leading to Sungkyunkwan University - I hope it is still there.

A photo that tells a story...

Place: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
What can you see here? It's a guy holding up a small wooden plank.Now,let me tell you the story behind this photo - this was taken during our Chu Chi tour and this guide is demonstrating how the Vietcong actually hid when there are military raids during the Vietnam war. Using crude weapons,digging and creating a network of tunnels - the ingenuity of the Vietnamese enabled them to win the war - a classic tale of David vs Goliath

A photo that I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic Shot)....

Indulge me on this one because I'm putting in two shots since it's breaking my heart to take out any of these two photos - It might not really strike as National Geographic worthy shots but for me these two are the photos that I'm really proud of that both have reached the level of "desktop wallpaper worthy shot".

Place: San Francisco, California
This was actually an accidental shot, we are on a ferry to Alcatraz when I realized the sun is setting and right in front of me is the famous Golden Gate bridge so I went on a full 10 minutes of raging trigger happy mode. I only have the kit lens which  meant I can't really zoom much but when I reviewed the photos and saw this particular shot  - I just got that little 'ping' in my heart that says "You got this one!" 

Place: El Nido,Philippines
This is my all time favorite shot. If only I can describe how magical and beautiful El Nido turns when the sun starts to set and bathe the whole shoreline in pink light. This shot came straight out of the camera with no post processing done. I was actually quite lazy to go back to the room and whip out my camera but after a few minutes the light shifted and the whole scene in front of me changed as if someone took out a magic wand and engulfed the whole island in pink-blue hue so I quickly ran to the room to grab my camera. 

And this wraps up my Super 7 Shots.
Thank you Bino for the tag though I saw the post quite late already.

I believe the rule of the game is to tag another set of 5 bloggers to do this.
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  1. Wow, super shots! I pick Niagara Falls and El Nido - beautifully captured! Super ganda! :D

  2. Sabi nga nila.. It's better late than never. :) Great set of pics! Ginutom ako sa Chicken BBQ.. Sabi ng picture masarap daw siya. :p