Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Siquijor: Loco Over Coco

Tucked in the Island of Fire is a resort that promises quality service and total relaxation. Roughly fifteen minutes from the port of Siquijor is a little gem of a resort called Coco Grove. You will be greeted by a unassumming gated establishment with a small well-maintained garden. The reception area is very Filipino in architecture and interior from the nipa thatched roof to the wood decorations and rattan chairs. You will be warmly received by the hotel receptionists in their very cute and floral uniforms. They would address their guests by their name and not the usual generic greeting of ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’. The reception area also houses the resident parrot named ‘Macky’ but a word of caution you can take picture and admire but you are not allowed to touch him.

Beyond the reception area are stone steps leading to the grounds of the resort.There are two swimming pools in the resort, one is near the reception while the other one is near the diveshop. The one near the diveshop got a swim up bar so you can literally sip your cocktail in the pool.

The cottages/rooms in the resort are done in a sort of Bahay Kubo architecture but no need to worry it is totally concrete it’s just that the design is made of nipa and bamboo to evoke a Pinoy cottage house. Each cottage comes with it’s own veranda where you can stay and enjoy the breeze from the sea or just to chat with your next door neighboor. There are several types of cottages that you can avail depending on your required capacity. The bigger cottages or villas have lofts to accommodate a whole group or family perfect for your bonding getaway. To truly make you relax and unwind, there are no television sets in the room, so make sure you pack some engaging paperback if your going solo or a mean boardgame that you can play with your travel buddies. With no pesky television set which glues you on that comfy bed and under the sheets, you can walk along the shore, sit and soul search in the many small huts scattered within the resort or just chill out and admire the stars while lying in one of the hammocks.

The resort boasts of a white sand beach that stretches for about 800 meter as well as a clear sea. The shore are dotted by tall and magnificent coconut trees that renders a very picturesque quality of the beach.
Though you have to go farther in the sea during late afternoon because of the low tide. You might find that morning and early morning are the best time to enjoy swimming in the beach. If you are an avid snorkeller, there is Tubod Marine Sanctuary near the diveshop but you need to pay an additional 50 Php to snorkel here. This fee is for the marine conservation.

Coco Boat
There are two restaurants within the resort, the prices of most meals are quite pricey compared to the standard restaurants. Price range of a single meal is around Php200 and onwards. Breakfast is free and already included in your room price but don’t expect much they do have an extensive lists of breakfast menu but the serving is measly.Here you can enjoy a candlelit dinner by the beach serenaded by the resort’s singers which has a very extensive songs repertoire.

Coco Grove’s rate is actually pricier when compared to the other beach resorts in Siquijor but when you consider the service, facilities and beach it is good value for money. Quality service, well maintained facilities and a magnificent sunset will make you go loco over Coco.
View from Sunset Restaurant

How to get Here: You can take a habal-habal/multicab from Siquijor’s port. I was charged Php200 pesos for the ride from the port to the resort. Another option is to avail of the resort’s own pick up service this is convenient and economical if you are in a big group since you have to basically rent the jeep (the resort’s transport service is a converted jeepney) or you can try to check with the resort if they can tag you along if there is also a group that will be picked up in the port on the same time of your arrival so you can split the pick up rate with them.

Website: http://www.cocogrovebeachresort.com/


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